Conversations Nos 2 and 17: Purnendu Pattrea

Conversation #2

What’s the matter? Why the furrowed brow?
Has there been a burglary? Tell me all
In this dazzling lotus morning sunshine
Why does evening gloom cast a pall?

Tell me everything that has happened
Have you lost your precious silver anklet?
Or the page you tore out with the address?
A secret letter? A diamond necklace set?

What’s that? The scent of honeyed memories
From a mad and rainy day? Is that true?
Didn’t you yourself take it from your breasts
And pour it into palms I cupped for you?
I put it in a locked room in my heart,
At dusk I light a lamp when prayers start

Conversation #17

Nandini, you are just a drop of water
Still I’m swept away by your flood
You too are a mild breeze, Subhankar
Still you raise a storm in my blood

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