Skysoaked: Jibanananda Das

Suranjana, you better not go there
You better not talk to that young man
Come back, Suranjana
When silver starfire fills the night

Come back to this meadow, this wave
Come back here to my heart
Don’t go away with him anymore
Far, so far away – and further away

What do you say to him? – with him!
The sky hides the sky
You’re like earth today
Whose love sprouts like grass

Your heart is as grass now
Beyond the wind, the wind
Beyond the sky, the sky

3 thoughts on “Skysoaked: Jibanananda Das

  1. Thank you for (almost) recreating the magic of Jibanananda Das in translation. ‘You’re like earth today/Whose love sprouts like grass … Suranjana/Your heart is as grass now/Beyond the wind, the wind/Beyond the sky, the sky’. Just wonderful.

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