About, Out, Striker, Stopper

About Striker, Stopper

Striker, Stopper
By Moti Nandy
Published in Bengali 1973
Published in English translation by Hachette India, 2010

From the jacket
Striker is the story of a young football player, Prasoon Bhattacharya, whose father, once a top scorer in the Calcutta League, is completely sidelined after being accused by the club of deliberately throwing the winning goal. As a young player struggling to make his mark, Prasoon not only has to battle the ruthless exploitation of the football clubs, his family’s straitened financial circumstances, and his own development as a player, but he has also to exorcise his father’s ghosts. Stopper, on the other hand, is the story of the much older Kamal Guha, a veteran player with an eclectic record, now playing the final game of his career… Both novellas brilliantly capture the heady highs, and the crushing lows, the heroism – and the ignominy – of sport. However, it is always the game, and the action on the field, that is the real hero of Moti Nandy’s writing.



The Hindustan Times



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