Conversations Nos 2 and 17: Purnendu Pattrea

Conversation #2

What’s the matter? Why the furrowed brow?
Has there been a burglary? Tell me all
In this dazzling lotus morning sunshine
Why does evening gloom cast a pall?

Tell me everything that has happened
Have you lost your precious silver anklet?
Or the page you tore out with the address?
A secret letter? A diamond necklace set?

What’s that? The scent of honeyed memories
From a mad and rainy day? Is that true?
Didn’t you yourself take it from your breasts
And pour it into palms I cupped for you?
I put it in a locked room in my heart,
At dusk I light a lamp when prayers start

Conversation #17

Nandini, you are just a drop of water
Still I’m swept away by your flood
You too are a mild breeze, Subhankar
Still you raise a storm in my blood


Only With You: Purnendu Pattrea

My hourly battles are only with you
Only with you is my truce
It is to sculpt your statue that I have
Crumbled myself like stone.

We’re playing a game of chess to be ruined
Yet peace is the objective
In the bow and arrow of aggression
Burns the solar force of forgiveness

When my tears flow for your death
You’re a lotus of elation
When my death tears you apart
I’m a bugle of war

Even when we die every hour
Reddened by feathers of flame
Making up for each other’s bankruptcy
We earn our wisdom

[ Original: Tomaaree Shawngey ]